Coronavirus Statement

The core principle of what we are setting out to do is risk management and so we have conducted a risk assessment of our property. We have identified all potential risks and have taken active steps to mitigate those risks. We are following all guidelines with regard to the cleaning of hard and soft surfaces and these have formed the basis for our cleaning tick list.

It is our responsibility as a self-catering operator to ensure that our property complies with health and safety legislation in relation not only to self-catering accommodation, but also to the safety of guests and staff with regard to Covid-19.

Limiting the spread of the Covid-19 Virus is therefore an additional consideration beyond our existing responsibilities. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, we as owners of Netherwood House have a public health responsibility to ensure that our accommodation is clean, not only to the eye, but also that any potential virus is removed to the best of our ability to prevent any spread. We have a duty of care to guests and staff even where specific legislation does not exist.

Our caretaker has been fully briefed and provided with the right equipment to carry out her job effectively. We have a strict cleaning protocol in place with a set of cleaning tasks to be carried out in each room of the house. A copy of this will be completed by the caretaker after every clean and left for each set of guests to see. Some of the tasks highlighted will be the responsibility of the guests. e.g. stripping of beds

We have increased the hours between lets for cleaning to give adequate time for the caretaker to carry out the extra work involved.

More information for guests

1.There is no need for any contact with owners or the caretaker on check-in as we operate a system where the keys are left in a safe place after being thoroughly sanitised.

2. We will leave a small hand sanitiser on the consul to the left as you enter the hall. Please use this during your stay and take it with you when you leave.

3. We will have communicated all relevant information via email prior to arrival but a folder with all required information for the operating of appliances etc. in the house will be left on the Dining Room table. This is all laminated and will be disinfected as part of the cleaning regime.

4. We will leave an adequate supply of cleaning materials for guests’ use and we encourage you to maintain the cleanliness of the property during your stay.

5. In the event of a guest developing symptoms of Covid 19, everyone in the party must vacate the property asap and must phone the owners immediately to inform them.

6. We advise that all guests have their own face masks to use when shopping locally. We need to respect our local community which has had no cases of coronavirus and they are fearful of tourists bringing it in!

We have applied for registration with ‘We’re Good to Go’ and have been awarded this certificate from the National Tourist Organisation of Scotland which shows we are ready to welcome you as guests. We will try our best to keep you safe while you enjoy your stay with us at Netherwood.

Netherwood certificate